So the project is over? Not yet! There are all those Awards to enter and showcase your great team and your ability to challenge the status quo and produce best for project outcomes, not to mention how you delivered the project on time and within budget.

But there’s more to it than just having done a good job – many other will have too. In the face of stiff competition we can help you deliver the hook that gets you noticed in the crowd. We’ll talk to the team and find the angles to profile excellence across the project: safety, engineering, innovation, technology, environment, research and management to name a few.  We’ll help you to write your submission and find the appropriate imagery or create the information graphics that support the text’s message – a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Next we’ll bring into play our many years of production experience delivering quality products within budget and time constraints. We know that 500 pages, stapled in volumes and bound with string may fit the criteria – but it is less likely to attract attention and engage its audience. We will ensure that when your document is finished it will not only meet the criteria, but will also be well structured and succinct and it will look like a winning communication piece.

We can also act as your agent and liaise with the awards body on your behalf, fulfilling all administrative requirements and coordinating submission of your entry in line with the award’s criteria.

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