Support Services

We offer a range of services to support your project, including photo art direction and video production, corporate launches and public events, delivery of training and development of training materials.

Photo art direction and video production

Script, direct, edit/post production – from community engagement to staff engagement through corporate to training videos – whatever your project’s video needs are 360 Project Solutions has the skills to deliver.

We also have significant experience working with photographers and providing art direction for photo shoots … capturing all manner of subjects from the Board and senior management to characters on site; from staff at work to the community at play; from aerials to the engine rooms of capesize vessls – for single use or campaign solutions – we work creatively with your project photographer, and with a true understanding of your project’s requirements, deliver the product you need.

Corporate launches and public events

We are accomplished in the successful delivery of events across a diverse range of mediums, from corporate launch to public engagement activity.

We can assist you to identify the ‘right’ venue, formulate a themed event strategy and produce associated collateral; conceptualise and oversee design, installation/construction of unique event venues; or coordinate multiple session launches and facilitate their delivery in various geographic locations.

Delivery of training and development of training materials

We have developed training materials that have been used in Australia-Pacific, Asia and South Africa. Training has been delivered through classroom-based, one-on-one and e-based channels. The latter including real-time on-line training and self-paced options.

Development of training materials has seen us script and produce training videos and write training materials for ongoing use.

These materials have assisted delivery of corporate consistency, development of core competencies, training in use of new software and processes.

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