Bids, proposals, tender submissions, expression of interest – they all require a response that showcases your company as the best suited for the project.

That’s where we can assist. We know that these documents need to answer the client’s criteria, but we also make sure that they are well written and appropriately structured. We will work with your contributors to develop your value proposition, succinctly outline your understanding of the key issues, highlight your ability to think ‘outside the box’ and apply innovative approaches, and demonstrate that you have ‘the’ team for the project. 

We not only sense check what has been written, but also apply our business insight to challenge the bid team’s responses ensuring that what is delivered is the best it can be.

Our skills in Word and InDesign and our technical editing skills are used to your advantage and our knowledge of production process and strong networks come into play, making sure that your submission looks the part and is packaged ready for submission in a timely manner. We deliver a complete package – including coordinating delivery to the tender box if required.

We know that the success of your response is key to continuing to build your project pipeline – we work as part of your team to maximise winning outcomes.

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