Business Process Review

At the core of a business process is the desire to add value to a set of activities. An efficient and effective business process will achieve a specific outcome without waste of time or resources.

We are skilled in identifying opportunities and issues (and resolving the latter) in a business process context. Key to this is the ability to engage with external stakeholders (our clients’ clients) and internal stakeholders (our clients’ staff) to gain a clear understanding of current processes, their strengths and weaknesses and desired outcomes.

Quick wins and considerations are folded into the development of improved processes. Logic and problem solving and understanding how to maximise the time:cost relationship are key capabilities that we bring to the review.

We consider the interaction between management, strategic, operational and support processes and the need/flexibility for them to be undertaken inline or concurrently. All facets of the business are studied when developing/redeveloping and implementing internal control systems and processes. The primary goals may be to drive cost savings, improve productivity, minimise waste of time and effort, maximise cost-effective operations, or meet or exceed client expectations. Whatever the performance indicator the review process is not about change for change sake, it should close the gap between the current and the desired outcome, and present a business case that delivers a considered cost/benefit analysis to stop, start, change or continue with the current business process framework.

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