Corporate Communications

We’ll work with you to help you decide what the best form of communications piece is to deliver your message and then guide its content, design and production, including but not limited to:
  • stakeholder communications/marketing collateral:
    • books, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and fact sheets
    • newsletters, press advertisements, and inserts
    • calendars, posters, and postcards
    • information kits, surveys
    • invitations, corporate gifts, and promotional merchandise
    • product packaging and labels
    • signage, displays, and exhibits
  • project-based/corporate documentation:
    • community and stakeholder management plans
    • crisis management plans
    • proposals and competitive tenders
    • grant/funding applications
    • major awards entries
    • Corporate plans and policy documents
    • Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports and Environmental Reports
  • multimedia:
    • website design (and hosting)
    • apps
    • e-books
    • invitations, newsletters, surveys.
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